The Buzz About Balayage


The Buzz about Balayage

We get a lot of questions about balayage.¬† What is it? Why is it different from foils? Is it the same thing as highlights? Is balayage only certain colors? Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep” and basically means in this context to paint hair. This technique has recently spread like wild fire for a few reasons; low maintenance, soft transition, wide range of looks.

The Main Difference Between Foils and Balayage

  • Balayage starts out thinner at the top and gets thicker as it goes to the end vs foils where they are the same width from top to bottom.
  • Balayage generally needs retouched in 3- 5 months, foils need retouched in 4-6 weeks.
  • Balayage can be done with a color family- starting darker going to lighter vs. foiling is one color roots to ends.
  • Balayage and foils are techniques and can be used to add lighter pieces or darker pieces (highlights/lowlights).
  • Balyage can start anywhere on the hair shaft and is traditionally rooty vs. foils that always start at the root.


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